Portuguese East Africa

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Portuguese East Africa

(Placename) a former name (until 1975) of Mozambique


(ˌmoʊ zæmˈbik, -zəm-)

Formerly, Portuguese East Africa. a republic in SE Africa: formerly an overseas province of Portugal; gained independence in 1975. 19,124,355; 308,642 sq. mi. (799,380 sq. km).Cap.: Maputo.
Portuguese, Moçambique.
Mo`zam•bi′can, n., adj.
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MacPherson's Wanderings in Portuguese East Africa and Nyasaland, 1928-1929 (Blonay: Denham House, 2005) 288 pp.
As a consequence, in 1928 individual Protestant missionaries came together to form the Portuguese East Africa Evangelical Missionaries Association (PEAEMA).
Grogan's next mission was to escort Lord Gray, the Administrator of Rhodesia, to Portuguese East Africa.