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(Animals) a marine invertebrate, often confused with a jellyfish, that has a painful sting. Commonly called: Portuguese man-of-war
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Noun1.physalia - Portuguese man-of-warPhysalia - Portuguese man-of-war    
coelenterate genus - a genus of coelenterates
order Siphonophora, Siphonophora - marine colonial hydrozoans
jellyfish, Portuguese man-of-war, man-of-war - large siphonophore having a bladderlike float and stinging tentacles
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Mrs Marshadlam, who said one sting mark was the size of an egg, did not have a good look at the creature but was sure it was it was a Portuguese man o' war because of the severity of her injuries.
RECORD numbers of deadly Portuguese man o' war have been seen swarming off the Irish coast, marine scientists have warned.
The Portuguese Man o' War will be displayed at Anglesey Sea Zoo
And yesterday, a teenage swimmer was taken to hospital after being stung by one of a large number of venomous Portuguese Man o' War jellyfish which have turned up on the Pembrokeshire coast.
Q HOW did the jellyfish called the Portuguese Man O' War get its name?