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Noun1.port wine - sweet dark-red dessert wine originally from Portugalport wine - sweet dark-red dessert wine originally from Portugal
fortified wine - wine to which alcohol (usually grape brandy) has been added
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As we pulled away from our berth, we could see the names of the great portwine houses - Cockburn, Taylor's, Sandeman - adorning the buildings perched above the river.
Most children with portwine stain show no other symptoms.
A preliminary study of pyogenic granuloma, portwine stain, cavernous hemangioma, cherry angioma, Kaposi's sarcoma and malignant hemangioendothilioma, J Dermatol, 26: 577-86.
SPLASH HITS: St Margaret's Sonny Childs, 11 (left) and Daniel Portwine, nine, pick up the winning trophy from the Mayor of Durham Coun Grenville Holland.
Taylor and his wife Suzanne, 35, of Wakefield, West Yorks, and Teresa Portwine, 48, of New Addington, Surrey, were the first to be charged under new legislation, the Old Bailey heard.
Taylor (39), wife Suzanne (35), both of Henry Street, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, and Teresa Portwine (48), of Dunley Drive, New Addington, Surrey, were charged under new legislation.
The couple, along with Teresa Portwine, 47, of Dunley Drive, New Addington, Surrey, pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey to a charge - under new legislation introduced last year - which said that from June to October last year they committed or threatened criminal offences or civil annoyance.
The remaining four ridden challengers were: Tiffany Mactaggart's 13hh hunter type, Stanley Grange Storm Catcher; James Whiteford's small M&M, Thistledown Beekeeper; Charlotte Dun's Working Hunter Pony champion, Polaris Owain; and Flora Galbraith's near vintage in years 15hh WHP, Portwine.
The AC motor company, founded in 1904 by young engineer John Weller and wealthy butcher John Portwine, went on to produce a series of beautiful saloons and two-seater racing cars.
1 Lemon Roe, blini, red onion A/B/C 2 Tarragon Bearnaise, green asparagus, strips C/D/G 3 Plum Chipolte, duck & chickenparfait, brioche, E/I/P 4 Coriander Tropical, shrimp, cocktail A/B/H(*) 5 Cep Risotto, portwine G/M 6 Lobster Shellfish, canneloni C/E/F 7 Tomatillo Salmon, taco, mozarella D/F/H 8 Goat-cheese Paprika, citrus, artichoke, ruccola A/B/C 9 Garlic Aioli, cod, soup, provencale E/J/L 10 Horse-radish Elkburger, lingonberries K/L 11 Tamarind Dip, duck, spring roll L/M 12 Sesame Marinated, koreanbeef, chayote M/N/O(*) 13 Garam masala Lamb, moussaka, tomatoe J/N 14 Limeleaf Monkfish, chile, cilantro C/G/M 15 Jerk Carribian, chicken, raita J/K/N(*)
Tissue parameters determining the visual appearance of portwine stain.
Only one other man was given portwine and another ale, the rest had to wait for discharge in order to resume their drinking.