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 (pə-sä′dəs, pō-sä′däs)
A city of northeast Argentina on the Paraná River and the Paraguayan border. It is a trade and processing center.
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But I knew him, and I was surprised, and glad; he watched me, unsuspected by my father, from whom he always hides himself when he crosses my path on the road, or in the posadas where we halt; and, as I know what he is, and reflect that for love of me he makes this journey on foot in all this hardship, I am ready to die of sorrow; and where he sets foot there I set my eyes.
Las Posadas is a perfect time to warm our kitchens with savory flavors and celebrate with family, friends, food, salsa and mole," said Elisa Velazquez, brand manager for DONA MARIA[sup.
In making the transaction, Posadas was able to unload a huge debt SourceMex, Aug.
The high-profile couple now runs the Jorge Posada Foundation to promote awareness of craniosynostosis, offer emotional support to families with children affected by the condition, help underwrite surgical fees, accelerate medical research, and conduct other outreach efforts.
Since Betty Jean Bartholomew joined the church and assumed the role of musical director, this south Eugene congregation has made it its habit to honor a tradition held dear by so many in the community - Las Posadas, the Latin American tale of Joseph and Mary seeking shelter in Bethlehem.
Cielo meant "sky" or "heaven," she knew, and posada was "shelter.
When I hosted Las Posadas, I thought of it as a wonderful tradition, but after Hurricane Katrina I saw it in a new light.
Currently, the Posadas chain operates 91 hotels under the brands Fiesta Americana Grand, Fiesta Americana, Fiesta Inn, Caesar Park and Ceasar Business in Mexico, Argentina and Brazil.
According to The Associated Press, Posadas is buying Mexicana and the budget carrier Click.
Las Posadas - Olvera: a nine-day celebration of the nine-day journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem.
The ruling infuriated Mexican church officials who have maintained since the 1993 shooting that Posadas was killed because he knew about alleged connections between the drug cartels and high-level government officials.
Pinatas made especially for posadas have seven points, with each point representing a sin.