bovine somatotropin

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bo′vine somatotro′pin

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The NHF had also strongly argued at the previous meeting that JECFA had overlooked negative study results from the industry itself, and even the product warning labeling for Monsanto's rBGH product (Posilac), which cautions users about a possible increase in mastitis in cows injected with Posilac.
Elanco acquires the worldwide rights to the dairy cow supplement POSILAC from Monsanto for $300 million.
Just read the label of Monsanto's rBGH hormone, Posilac, and you'll see a list of 20 toxic effects to cows.
Posilac sales and increased prices, partially offset by lower demand in
Chopra too was subjected to an intense smear campaign and eventually fired even though his study, Gap Analysis, led to the EU and Canada banning the carcinogenic GM hormone, Posilac.
Monsanto Corporation, currently the sole producer, sells rBGH under the brand-name Posilac.
We're pleased that we've come to an agreement that will allow our dairy producer-customers to continue to use POSILAC bovine somatotropin," said Carl Casale, Monsanto Executive Vice President for North America Commercial Operations.
Posilac was in short supply last year due to manufacturing problems, resulting in reduced milk yields.
Posilac went through one of the most stringent USDA research projects ever done.
Primarily known for its Roundup Ready seed and herbicides and Bt corn, the company also produces Posilac 1 Step bovine somatotropin (SBT), which enhances milk production in cows.
Monsanto is the giant chemical company which sells the synthetic hormone under the brand name Posilac .
Monsanto, which invested $1 billion in Posilac, obtained FDA approval for rBGH in 1993, and since then has waged an all-out war to keep smaller dairy farmers from labeling their products "rBGH-free.