Positive motion

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(Mach.) motion which is derived from a driver through unyielding intermediate pieces, or by direct contact, and not through elastic connections, nor by means of friction, gravity, etc.; definite motion.

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We do not expect positive motion at the Russian market.
You could see Dodson lacked a little ring sharpness, but he plugged away and his hands stayed as busy as his feet while there was also plenty of head movement and positive motion.
When both of these elements are consistent, agree with each other and elicit a positive motion from your audience, feel good about what you've crated and start reaping the rewards.
You start with that slow negative motion and come through, and weight shift to a positive motion.
Hanagan was four horses wide but, crucially, he sat holding the proverbial double-handful and did not make any positive motion on his mount, who moved across but still left room for
The Auto Rest unit features a three-point self-centering design that provides for fixed or follow-down grinding with smooth, positive motion, more rigid part support, and repeatability within one micron.
The Eagle SLI 3840, a pinch roller feed scanner, features a large diameter roller to minimize document skewing and ensure positive motion through the scanner.