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His opinion, when he expressed it, was given in his usual downright manner, and was agreeably redolent of the most positive philosophy I know-- the philosophy of the Betteredge school.
The promoted Cherries remained true to boss Eddie Howe's positive philosophy, but their comical defending smoothed City's path.
Marguerita admitted she is lost without Dave and said she is doing her utmost to follow his positive philosophy in life.
Kendal Aitken, 45, who is a believer in positive philosophy, was inspired to cycle from Saltburn, around the edge of the country and back to Saltburn, after wanting to do something different to help a good friend.
In the limited space of this article, I am going to focus on the importance of Aristotle as a forerunner of positive philosophy, and I will show that, because of this feature, Aristotle occupies a very special place in the ideal history of philosophy, as Schelling imagines it.
In some cases we're forming a new, more positive philosophy.
Shanghai and Singapore have teaching practices and a positive philosophy that make the difference.
Richard said: "She has had a long life, which is not surprising given her positive philosophy in general and her ability to shrug off each of her several very serious illnesses.
Because ideological conservatives cannot accept the compromising complexities of a positive philosophy, the Republican old guard wins every time.
Granted, one would be hard-pressed to overestimate the depth of Dewey's departures from his predecessors, but even assuming there is nothing to be said in behalf of the views he dispenses with--a question not explored in this volume--it does not follow that his positive philosophy is the sole or best alternative to them.
Tottenham have the advantage, like Arsenal, of not changing managers this summer, and if Villas-Boas can continue to impose a positive philosophy on the club, they could catch up on the sides who finished top three in the last campaign and step up to the title ambition Daniel Levy has always hoped the club could fulfil.
It helps, of course, that sharing his positive philosophy is Darius Kierans, who is in the unusual position of being a well-thought of manager, who has yet to win a League match for Dundalk.