Positive sign

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(Math.) the sign [+] denoting plus, or more, or addition.

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It may be said that her leaving the place dark was a positive sign that she released me, and to this I can only reply that I desired not to be released.
The first positive sign which he gave me of the direction which his investigation was taking was an extraordinary one.
In an interview with Algerian news agency APS, Sellal said "the success of the presidential election in Tunisia is a positive sign for the return of peace in the region and clearly shows the virtues of peaceful political processes.
e gures have been welcomed by local business leaders, who say it is a further positive sign for the local economy.
An increase in housing finance and new car sales has been welcomed as a positive sign of confidence returning to the Tasmanian economy.
He added that the participation "is a very positive sign that small-business owners in our state have continued to increase their financial commitments in their businesses, and a very positive sign that an increasing number of community banks are making the commitment of time and manpower to use SBA loan guarantees to expand their ability to serve the businesses in their communities?
I think that a positive sign would be coming back to the six-party talks and not making statements about the six-party talks,'' said Gordon Duguid, acting deputy State Department spokesman.
Both agreed that the Amaranth incident is a positive sign for the world financial system, albeit an ugly period for a hedge fund that claimed to have had serious risk control procedures in place.
But the pope has great empathy for the problems of the world and wanted to give a positive sign.
They came to us, which is exciting and we see that as a positive sign that we're on the right track.
The positive sign for tracheoesophageal fistula is the passage of the contrast media from the esophagus to the trachea, with or without delineation of the fistulous communication.
Gay political group Log Cabin Republicans hailed his selection as a positive sign, with executive director Patrick Guerriero proclaiming him a "great choice for majority leader.