PET scan

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PET scan

1. A cross-sectional image produced by a PET scanner.
2. The act or process of producing such an image.

PET′ scan`

1. an examination performed with a PET scanner.
2. an x-ray image obtained by examination with a PET scanner.
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Positron emission tomography is the diagnostic medical procedure of producing a positron emission tomography scan to examine metabolic activity of the tissues particularly the brain tissue, using a radioactive isotope administered intravenously.
Contract notice: Supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of a positron emission tomography scan "neuroscience and oncology.
The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new amyloid imaging agent, which, during a positron emission tomography scan, produces colored images of the brain plaques that are the diagnostic hallmark of Alzheimer's disease.
Florbetapir is an imaging agent injected into patients who are then put through a positron emission tomography scan to detect the plaque.
Dubai Cancer diagnosis in the UAE received a boost yesterday with the launch of a Dh80-million facility to manufacture a crucial injection for patients undergoing the PET or Positron Emission Tomography scan.
The positron emission tomography scan is now available for use at Sparks every other Friday.

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