Possessory action

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(Law) an action to regain or obtain possession of something. See under Petitory.

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On advice of counsel, on Friday, November 2, 2001, a Petition for Possessory Action was filed seeking, among other relief, a Judgment that Biloxi Marsh is in possession of the contested lands.
While admitting that restricting the lawyers to possessory actions only may seem a bit short-sighted, Equity Residential (the first apartment company to join the S&P 500 and one of the largest multifamily housing owners and managers in the country) often instructs its community managers to not have eviction counsel pursue money judgments, but, rather, to allow collection specialists to pursue the former residents for outstanding balances.
And property law in the two systems affords similar contours of protection in terms of possessory actions and trespass.