Post bag

a mail bag.
- B. Jonson.

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References in classic literature ?
she asked one morning, watching the stream of letters flow out of the post bag.
Daniel Ennis, 20, also chucked a paving slab in the direction of four officers who came to search his back garden in an effort to recover a stolen post bag.
According to royal sources, the couple's post bag was left with no place inside after Kate's pregnancy was announced and got even bigger since the future king, Prince George, was born just over a month ago.
Those filing their returns online have to send the acknowledgement-cum-verification form, ITR-V, to the income tax department at the address - CPC, Post Bag No - 1, Electronic City Post Office, Bengaluru - 560100.
Ahmed Mohammed Kassim was seen taking DVDs and a video game from a post bag stored at K&A Newsagents on Great Homer Street, Everton, where he worked.
Taxpayers who have filed their returns electronically for AY 2009- 10 on or after April 1, 2009, and have not filed the ITR- V to the CPC may mail it by ordinary post or speed post at Post Bag No.
THE People's success in getting an pounds 80 reduction in fuel bills for pensioners prompted a post bag full of support.
The Royal Mail said the 30million delayed letters were equivalent to about 40 per cent of an average daily post bag.
The Royal Mail said the 30 million delayed letters were equivalent to about 40% of an average daily post bag.
Brian Canavan, the RoyalMail driver who turned away from the Civic Centre this morning with his post bag still full, said: "I'm in a union and I support them.
Julie's post bag probably still consists of horsy types bleating about the hunting ban and local Euro sceptic farmers whinging about the Lisbon treaty while cashing their EU subsidy cheques.