Post note

Post´ note`

1.(Com.) A note issued by a bank, payable at some future specified time, as distinguished from a note payable on demand.
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The company s initial blog post notes that it is planning to sell its entire assets.
The goal of Search my Store is to help customers find the items they need more quickly and make shopping at Walmart easier, faster and more accessible," the blog post notes.
As the Washington Post notes, the Jewish state doesn't need to bankroll an advocacy effort from abroad because it has domestic supporters who do the job.
A post on the Digg blog stated: "Once you connect your Google Account, you'll find all of your feeds and folders set up and ready to go," the blog post notes.
Elliptic Labs has developed ultrasound technology that allows users to control computers without touching their screens and is applying it to Windows 8 computers, this blog post notes.
You can also post notes to friends asking for help in your job hunt.
Although the Gates money is substantial, the Post notes that overall government spending on K-12 education--more than $500 billion a year--still dwarfs the foundation giving.
West Virginia's rifle team is the only Mountaineers squad to have won an NCAA championship-14, in fact," the Washington Post notes.
The surge in food prices has had a much bigger impact on developing countries than in developed ones like the United States because food accounts for a much larger percentage of overall consumption, an article in the Washington Post notes.
Rather than clog up the school's bulletin board or its blog, Principal Lauer created wikis to post notes and minutes from meetings.
The Washington Post notes, "Since the chemical mixtures in all jurisdictions are similar to those used in Florida, a victory for Hill [the defendant] could tie up the death penalty across the country in litigation, at least temporarily.
But joining that elite group as a profoundly deaf teacher in a hearing classroom at Greenbelt, Maryland's Eleanor Roosevelt High made the certification even more impressive, the Washington Post notes.