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Further, the articles within the latest issue of RSP--47/2015--guide the reader and enhance the collective perception on Europeanization and European governance related to: the national identity and peacebuilding process, the comparison of the process of establishment of the communist regime in Central European countries, European practices for the integration of immigrants, policies, programs and prospects related to national and regional interests, post-communism and security, media theory and media systems, traditional Romanian villages etc.
Much has been written about post-communism in Russia and China.
Even at the risk of sanctions that could tip the economy into recession for the second time in five years, Russians see his defiance of the West over Ukraine as a sign of strength, reinforcing his image as a leader who restored his country's greatness from the post-Communism chaos of the 1990s.
From full-scale battle sequences to a blond boy standing up in a tin bath in a dark room, it's exciting to see post-communism Russian cinema patriotically revisiting its own history like this.
Master of the paragraph's introductory sentence, Bill Niven's contribution takes us on a curated tour of postwar and post-communism memorialization.
Post-communism from within; social justice, mobilization, and hegemony.
In the shadow of the Kremlin and the White House: Africa's media image from communism to post-communism.
Post-communism, of course, bred its own monsters too, but the net result is one of political apathy and impotence.
The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), which sent its biggest monitoring mission to Bulgaria since its first post-communism elections in 1990, was due to report its findings on Monday.
The consensus was to disqualify those who formed the backbone of the Communist regimes and administered its policies from holding public office in the immediate post-communism governments.
From Post-Communism toward the Third Millennium (Bern: Peter Lang, 2011)

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