posttraumatic stress disorder

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posttraumatic stress disorder

n. Abbr. PTSD
A psychiatric disorder resulting from a traumatizing experience, such as torture, rape, or military combat, characterized by recurrent flashbacks of the traumatic event, nightmares, persistent negative emotions such as anger, fear, or shame, and difficulty experiencing positive emotions.

post′traumat′ic stress′ disor`der

a mental disorder occurring after a traumatic event, characterized by anxiety, nightmares or intrusive recollections, and emotional detachment.
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Noun1.posttraumatic stress disorder - an anxiety disorder associated with serious traumatic events and characterized by such symptoms as survivor guilt, reliving the trauma in dreams, numbness and lack of involvement with reality, or recurrent thoughts and images
survivor guilt - a deep feeling of guilt often experienced by those who have survived some catastrophe that took the lives of many others; derives in part from a feeling that they did not do enough to save the others who perished and in part from feelings of being unworthy relative to those who died; "survivor guilt was first noted in those who survived the Holocaust"
anxiety disorder - a cover term for a variety of mental disorders in which severe anxiety is a salient symptom
battle fatigue, combat fatigue, combat neurosis, shell shock - a mental disorder caused by stress of active warfare
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He talks about the consequences of stress, which include post-traumatic stress syndrome, depression, and mental illness, in explaining his ideas and experiences.
She added that the staff participated in seminars on stress, depression and post-traumatic stress syndrome, to be able to handle such cases, since detainees are often diagnosed with these conditions.
On October 31, a Mexican judge ordered Tahmooressi's release so that he could return to the US and get treatment for PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, a result of his military service.
The Evil Hours: A Biography of Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome begins with the author's on struggles as a war correspondent and former Marine and evolves to consider the overall phenomena of PTSD and its effects.
Psychologists have set up free clinics and hotlines to deal with this and other manifestations of post-traumatic stress syndrome.
Vince has suffered for years from post-traumatic stress syndrome.
Their 'offence' was quite likely to be suffering from shell shock - now called post-traumatic stress syndrome.
In addition, Synchroneuron expects to begin open label studies of SNC-102 in Tourette syndrome and post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) to prove the concept of the drug's broader efficacy for neuropsychiatric disorders potentially related to glutamate/GABA imbalance.
He now suffers post-traumatic stress syndrome and still suffers from pain in his hand.
June told BANG showbiz that Honey Boo Boo also suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome after experiencing a traumatic event.
Serious problems faced by men in Kyrgyzstan include problems with employment, post-conflict and post-traumatic stress syndrome, relationship problems on jobs, gambling and alcohol," noted in the opening ceremony.
Or think about this: Someone who suffers from a mental illness of post-traumatic stress syndrome.

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