a.1.Capable of being carried by, or as by, post.
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Despite the substantial advances in billing and payment technologies, most businesses struggle with the problem of 'naked payments,' in which electronic payments are decoupled from postable remittance details," said Henry Ijams, Managing Director at PayStream Advisors, a payment industry research and consulting firm.
Available on desktops and as an iOS and Android app, Storify lets users curate material from the social web into a postable and shareable format.
There's only so many times I can visit our German market to buy goods for my lifelong Finnish penfriend, Eija, and her two daughters, so seeing real leather, postable pouches and purses that have been handmade in Walsall was a tonic.
Determination of volatile matter content of hard coal and coke", the full text can be obtained from ISO central secretarial cose postable 5 G, CH-1211: Genera 20 or Any ISO member.
The 11th edition contains 214 new postable index terms (listed together in a table) and revision of many terms, either to include retrospective indexing, to change their spelling or text, or to delete them because of insufficient use or overlap with other terms.
The shirts are pounds 22 in sizes SXL and could make the perfect postable Christmas gift, (0191) 261-4444.
The first of the awards to be announced on the night was the Welsh Assembly Government Business Start-up Award which went to Wrexham-based com postable packaging producer Procurasell International Packaging.
Difficulties may arise, however, because the HIPAA formats are not 100 percent postable by the provider, meaning that even though the payer gives the provider the HIPAA 835, the provider doesn't have the claim code they need to match it back.
The data from the images captured is then lifted from the explanation of benefits or payment detail, matched with the original claim and a fully postable accounting file is provided to update the patient account.
Capturing the experience of choosing a card from a carefully curated neighborhood boutique, visitors to Postable are able to select from a collection of over 200 designs created by top independent artists from across the country, most of whom shy away from granting permission to license their work online.
Site placements, linked banner ads and e-mail blasts will begin on the 6th using the Buzzalong media player - a proprietary technology of Buzztone, a Los Angeles-based company - which functions as an e-mailable and postable mini-website.
Affordable and postable products like eye massages, alcohol testers and digital thermometers are needed by more and more people.