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Noun1.mail fraud - use of the mails to defraud someonemail fraud - use of the mails to defraud someone
fraud - intentional deception resulting in injury to another person
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An interesting application of ECC by Certicom - a small two-dimensional ECC signature - led to a standard for digital postal marks to prevent postal fraud.
The disclosure today that Sir Albert Bore, leader of the council Labour opposition group, is to be reported to the Standards Board for supposedly intimidating the city's interim chief executive allows a fascinating insight into the titanic struggle for the moral high ground between all sides in the postal fraud debate.
This postmark will prove that a document existed at a particular point in time, has not been modified since, and will add protection against postal fraud.
Michael Keith, Labour leader of Tower Hamlets Council, said Mr Galloway had failed to produce any evidence of actual postal fraud.
Oliver Heald, the shadow Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs, said: 'Without individual registration, the Government's plans will be tinkering at the margins - too little, too late, and will threaten more postal fraud in next year's extensive local elections
The Electoral Commission issued a warning yesterday that public confidence in the voting system had been undermined by problems with postal fraud.
Z is for ZANU NEW LABOUR PF, the initials standing, of course, for Postal Fraud.
Judge Mawrey had ordered new elections in Aston and Bordesley Green in April this year after upholding allegations of postal fraud relating to seats won by Labour in the ballot of June 10 last year.
Mr Mawrey had found postal fraud relating to a total of six seats in two wards won by Labour in Birmingham's local elections in June last year.
Labour MPs have angrily rejected a High Court finding that their party had engaged in city-wide postal fraud.
Officers will be available for advice on a host of issues, including banking fraud and scams, spotting fake emails, buying safely online, rogue traders and postal fraud.