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Relating to a period or culture in which the feminism of the 1960s and 1970s is seen as largely irrelevant to the current situation, often because that movement is seen as having accomplished its social and political goals or because it is seen as discredited.

post-feminism n.


formal a way of thinking that develops, or reacts to or against previous feminist ideology
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This work offers an excellent review of a critical history of the female Gothic and on postfeminism and its relationship to both feminism and the postmodern, as well as insightful re-introductions to both historical and contemporary Gothic popular culture.
52), and displays an ambivalence about the Gothic and postfeminism which is already inherent in both categories could equally be used to suggest that the series was, simply, not very good.
Commercial films that appeal to a female audience are "vitally connected" to much more than postfeminism and a media form focusing on twenty-to-thirty something English or American middleclass (white, heterosexual) women, as the three chapters on films about those collectively described as "other" chicks demonstrate.
The split between feminism and postfeminism has largely been viewed as a generational one.
For yet another thing, it all went academic, theory became doctrine, feminism turned into postfeminism, the humanities went posthuman, and art went anti-art.
Many environmentalists might though worry whether the resulting postnaturalism might be the ecological equivalent of postfeminism.
New managerialism, postfeminism and the shortage of social workers in Social Service Departments in England and Wales', European Journal of Social Work, 7 (2), 167-79.
In cultural studies, on the other hand, largely mediated through the writings of Slavoj Zizek, Lacanian concepts and theories are being used to "analyze" the critical issues of our age, including the "symptoms" and effects of globalization, postfeminism, and terrorism.
1999): The Icon Critical Dictionary of Feminism and Postfeminism.
Each year around Father's Day, a gathering of titles celebrates paternity with the oily sincerity of greeting cards--books that testify (with unintended irony appropriate to the postfeminism era) that men can also serve up pabulum.
Given the terms of this unstated argument, any criticism of this postfeminism automatically slots the critic into the role of the relic, the leftover women's libber still fighting battles that no longer need to be fought.
Feminism was long hair, dungarees and dangly earings; postfeminism was business suits, big hair and lipstick, post post feminism was sluttishness and disorderly behaviour (Greer 1999, 4).