graduate school

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grad·u·ate school

An institution of higher learning, usually a division of a university, that grants master's degrees or doctorates or both.

grad′uate school`

a school, usu. a division of a university, offering courses leading to degrees beyond the bachelor's degree.
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Noun1.graduate school - a school in a university offering study leading to degrees beyond the bachelor's degreegraduate school - a school in a university offering study leading to degrees beyond the bachelor's degree
school - an educational institution; "the school was founded in 1900"
business school - a graduate school offering study leading to a degree of Master in Business Administration
dental school, school of dentistry - a graduate school offering study leading to degrees in dentistry
law school, school of law - a graduate school offering study leading to a law degree
medical school, school of medicine - a graduate school offering study leading to a medical degree
university - the body of faculty and students at a university

graduate school

n (Am) → scuola di specializzazione
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The bank, Southeast Asia's largest lender, had stated in its annual reports and on its Web site that Philippe Paillart, who ranks number two in the bank, ''received a postgraduate degree from Harvard Business School.
Linford, who has a younger brother Rhys, had recently gained a postgraduate degree in philosophy from Cambridge.
Two years ago, Grebenschikoff says, was "the first time a client said to us, |We prefer a candidate with a postgraduate degree.
Aged 36, he is a graduate of "Ecole Normale Superieure" (ENS Ulm 91) and holds a postgraduate degree (DEA) as well as a Ph.
Mr Beveridge is a chartered librarian with a degree in librarianship and a postgraduate degree in leadership.
About the University of Liverpool Online Programmes The University of Liverpool is one of Europe's largest university providers of fully online postgraduate degree programmes.
A total of four scholarships are available and winners will be awarded a maximum amount of PS8,500 to study a relevant postgraduate degree course at the Open University.
Frederick Bright, from Accra in Ghana, has graduated with an MSc Biotechnology postgraduate degree, after winning a scholarship with the multinational oil and gas exploration company Tullow Oil Plc.
Amjed Pervez also earned a postgraduate degree in Mass Communication from University of Leicester, UK and international diplomas including one from Havard University, USA.
Offering consultation service before the academic year begins to Arab students applying for the postgraduate degree in media studies.
His postgraduate degree project was completed in conjunction with a specific project at TGPP and he was nominated for the CSI Alfred Clayton-Hill prize, for the best overall MSc Project.
A majority of Hispanics, self-identified moderates and those with a postgraduate degree also approve of the president.

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