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(ˈpəʊstmən) or feminine


n, pl -men or -women
(Professions) a person who carries and delivers mail as a profession

mail′ car`rier

a person employed to deliver mail.
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Noun1.postman - a man who delivers the mailpostman - a man who delivers the mail    
delivery boy, deliveryman, deliverer - someone employed to make deliveries
سَاعِي البَريدساعي البَريد
póstmaîur, póstur
nhân viên đưa thư


A. N (postmen (pl)) (Brit) → cartero m
B. CPD postman's knock N (= game) juego de niños en que el que se intercambia un beso por una carta imaginaria


[ˈpəʊstmən] nfacteur m
He's a postman → Il est facteur.


[ˈpəʊstmən] n (-men (pl)) (Brit) → postino


(pəust) noun
(the system of collecting, transporting and delivering) letters, parcels etc. I sent the book by post; Has the post arrived yet?; Is there any post for me?
to send (a letter etc) by post. He posted the parcel yesterday.
ˈpostage (-tidʒ) noun
(the money paid for) the sending of a letter etc by post. The postage was $1.20.
ˈpostal adjective
of, or concerning, the system of sending letters etc. the postal service.
postage stamp
a small printed label fixed to a letter, parcel etc to show that postage has been paid.
postal order
a printed document bought at a post office, which can be exchanged at another post office for the amount of money paid for it.
postbox (ˈpəusboks) noun
(also ˈletterbox, ~ˈmailbox, ~pillar box) a box into which letters etc are put to be collected (and sent to their destination).
postcard (ˈpəuskaːd) noun
a card on which a message may be sent by post, often with a picture on one side (a picture postcard). She sent me a postcard of the Taj Mahal when she was in India.
postcode (ˈpəuskoud) noun
(American zip code) a set of letters and numbers added to the address on a letter to make delivery easier.
ˌpost-ˈfree adjective, adverb
without charge for sending by post. You can send it post-free.
ˌpost(-)ˈhaste adverb
very quickly. He travelled post(-)haste to London.
postman (ˈpəusmən) noun
(American ˈmailman) a person whose job is to (collect and) deliver letters etc. Has the postman been this morning yet?
postmark (ˈpəusmaːk) noun
a mark put on a letter at a post office, showing the date and place of posting, and cancelling the postage stamp. The postmark read `Beirut'.
postmaster (ˈpəusmaːstə) feminine postmistress (ˈpəusmistris) noun
the manager of a post office.
post office
an office for receiving and dispatching letters, parcels etc. Where is the nearest post office?


سَاعِي البَريد pošťák postbud Postbote ταχυδρόμος cartero postinkantaja facteur poštar postino 郵便配達人 우편집배원 postbode postbud listonosz carteiro почтальон brevbärare บุรุษไปรษณีย์ postacı nhân viên đưa thư 邮递员
References in classic literature ?
Not only was I soon as well known on the Norwood Road as the postmen on that beat, but I pervaded London likewise.
To see people read, and to see people write, and to see the postmen deliver letters, and not to have the least idea of all that language--to be, to every scrap of it, stone blind and dumb
As he trotted on, he would call out to fast Postmen ahead of him, to get out of the way; devoutly believing that in the natural course of things he must inevitably overtake and run them down; and he had perfect faith--not often tested--in his being able to carry anything that man could lift.
exclaimed Michel; "these meteors are handy postmen, and cost nothing.
Nobody ever notices postmen somehow," he said thoughtfully; "yet they have passions like other men, and even carry large bags where a small corpse can be stowed quite easily.
I got the tip from the postmen, who come up one way and down the other.
Sparsit sat at her window all day long looking at the customers coming in and out, watching the postmen, keeping an eye on the general traffic of the street, revolving many things in her mind, but, above all, keeping her attention on her staircase.
TORY MP Jason McCartney has backed a campaign to protect postmen from dog attacks.
There are a lot of postmen called Pat and a lot of black and white cats.
Mark Pawsey was shown round the office by manager Renato Senatore and was introduced to the postmen and women who are working hard getting deliveries out in the run-up to Christmas.
RAWALPINDI -- Non payment of petrol allowance by the Postal Services Department to the postmen working in the post offices in district Rawalpindi since the last one year has caused embarrassment among them.
Two postmen were nearly killed in "Two postmen were nearly killed in attacks in 2007 and 2008, and many others attacks in 2007 and 2008, and many others have lost fingers and parts of limbs.

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