n.1.(Zool.) The hindermost dorsal piece of a thoracic somite of an insect; the plate behind the scutellum.
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Pubescence: mainly rusty yellow to rusty brown (greyish yellow to whitish in worn specimens), paraocular region, ventral side of head, pleurae, femora and flocculus white, clypeus with very fine and short whitish hairs, vertex with intermixed black hairs, hairs of scutum, scutellum, postscutellum and propodeum bright rusty yellow in fresh specimens.
9) with pair of reddish brown vittae on both presutural and postsutural part of scutum lateral to dorsocentral setae; anepisternum with wide brownish yellow vertical spot; postpronotal lobe pale brownish; katatergite, anatergite, mediotergite and postscutellum brown; setae and setulae black or brown.
Thorax: Presternum whitish yellow, with 2 or 3 pairs of pale brown setulae; mesonotum entirely yellowish orange, with 1 + 4 dorsocentral setae, not arising from dark spots; proepisternum with sparse brown setulae scattered across surface; pleural part of thorax yellowish orange, with thin lateral dark brown fascia running from anterior part of postpronotum to wing base; postpronotum, notopleural area, anepisternum and meron pale orange; katepisternum with 1 strong black seta and some smaller setulae; anepisternum and anepimeron glabrous; meron bearing a few brown setulae at posterodorsal corner; scutellum and postscutellum yellowish orange; scutellum slightly elongate and pointed apically, with >20 small blackish setulae at lateral margin (Fig.
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