Pot herb

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any plant, the leaves or stems of which are boiled for food, as spinach, lamb's-quarters, purslane, and many others.

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Heaven forbid, signor, unless it were fruitful of better pot herbs than any that grow there now," answered old Lisabetta.
For my part, if I were the owner of the palace, I would bid my gardener cultivate nothing but savory pot herbs to make a stuffing for roast meat, or to flavor a stew with.
Wild garlic used in a similar way was popular in the Highlands and was also a common pot herb in cooking.
We've just started getting in Alexanders - one of the first edible plants of the foraging year which I understand is an escapee from Roman gardens where it was grown as a pot herb.
Planting a herb pot Herb pots look attractive, but always bear in mind the ultimate size and spread of each herb.
A new enterprise, Cracked Pot Herb, will sell herbs and pots as well as an herbal luncheon.
The wild British kind, Malva sylvestris , has been used as a medicinal plant and pot herb at least since Roman times and, in 16th century Britain, had the reputation of curing practically anything.
Germany's largest pot herb producer Gartenbauzentrale has signed a deal which could give it a foothold in the UK.
These are a pot herb originally brought by the Romans from the Mediterranean.
Rather, to the outsider, it's a self-absorbed, occasionally paranoid, bore that stands before them - unless they too have decided to join them on Planet Pot Herb much to the irritation of the rest of the company who have to endure hours of ramblings and maniacal laughter.
Lift and pot herbs such as mint and parsley and bring them into the greenhouse or a well-lit porch for winter use.