Pot hunter

one who kills anything and everything that will help to fill has bag; also, a hunter who shoots game for the table or for the market.

See also: Pot

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POT HUNTER Daniel Anderson has carried off three Challenge Cups; THERE AGAIN Saints celebrate their play-off win over Leeds
POT HUNTER Anderson has carried off three Challenge Cups
There were still plenty of pot hunters who would defect to the likes of Liverpool who were the dominant force in the 70s, but they were packed full of local heroes and Scots.
POINT-TO-POINTING is proud of its links with racing under rules, but it would do the amateur sport no favours if pot hunters were switched back and forth between the codes.
Those that did became pot hunters and picked the biggest and strongest boys to thrust aside the smaller and more skilful opposition.
As a seasonal BLM ranger, she's seen what looting by modern pot hunters can do to an archaeological site.
Service (1989) tosses in sketchy contrived information about vision quests in her contemporary novel about two teens chasing pot hunters around the Nevada desert.
Pot hunters often left cigarettes, beer cans and other garbage at the scene of the crime, and investigators collected the trash as evidence.
POT HUNTERS, THIEVES, AND desecraters of Arizona's history should be wary.