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Marketing our brandies as Cape Brandy rather than pot still brandy is paying off as there is a lot of confusion around the category, he explains.
Cane's Zombie is made with pineapple juice, lime juice, simple syrup, apricot brandy, Hamilton Jamaican Pot Still black rum, Cockspur Barbados rum and Pusser's Gunpowder Proof rum.
And the type of pot still matters as well: copper pot stills are said to develop smoother tequilas than stainless steel stills by removing sulfur and bitterness, creating a smoother spirit.
The Madeira finish single malt Welsh Whisky is distilled in a unique copper pot still, matured in bourbon barrels, finished in rich Madeira wine casks and bottled at premium strength, giving the single malt a smooth, light character and soft gold colour.
The review-based tourist website tells visitors that The Pot Still - more renowned for its whisky gantry than its menu - is the best place to eat in a city that is home to scores of fine-dining restaurants.
There will be a new single pot still, identical to the innovative original that's made the distillery famous, as well as a new two-pot still production unit.
Well into the 1800s, homes in both Europe and North America had a "still room" where the woman of the house used a pot still to transform herbs and flowers into medicines and perfumes.
A pot still is infinitely simpler, but our method produces a brandy that's ready to drink so much sooner.
Outlining the new investment, Mr Davies said: "The first still will be the same design as our existing - a single copper pot still with two columns, which is unusual in the whisky industry.
Jenever is produced in a pot still and is typically lower in alcohol and more strongly flavoured than London gin.
Ther is another, small group of California brandy producers who distill their brandy totally by pot still.
The DeAngelo brothers make their 94-proof gin in a custom-made, vacuum copper pot still, which allows the gin to be distilled at low temperatures.