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 (pə-tĕn′zə, pō-tĕn′tsä)
A city of southern Italy in the Apennines east-southeast of Naples. Founded by Romans in the third century bc, it was ruled by numerous feudal overlords during the Middle Ages.
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Learn about Potentia Labs' new e-learning platform - Potentia - at a free webinar starting today.
THE Latin aphorism "scientia potentia est" translated as "knowledge is power", spans history and culture.
About AquaSPE AG "Aqua Scientia Potentia Est" - Water Knowledge is Power.
Seijo in turn said he would focus on increasing capacity and market growth: "The TCL Group has huge potentia.
Until it is as simple and easy to book a rail trip as it is to book a flight, the rail industry will not realise its full potentia.
Retail electric providers with the worst complaint rankings included TruSmart Energy (formerly called DPI Energy), Hino Electric, Potentia Energy and Acacia Energy, according to the analysis.
This "privation" Aristotle conceived alternatively as dynamis or potentia in "matter," (24) and this conception seems at least consanguineous with Heisenberg's notion of "potentia.
While hiring managers should not be quick to judge a candidate's potentia through their first impression of them, Cowling says "it is important to observe and evaluate a person's appearance, how they meet and greet, and how they build rapport.
There's nobody of the level of Borussia Dortmund's Polish striker Robert Lewandowski at the moment but if Villa are scouting in Poland there are some potentia starlets If they are looking for an attacking midfielder then Jakub Kosecki of Legia Warsaw is worth considering.
f ory ers d United's victory over the Hammers and City's 2-0 defeat of Wigan opened a potentially significant gap over Chelsea United's vict over the Hammers and City's 2-0 defeat of Wopened a potentia significant ga g p over Che in third.
She took a picture of the bill and sent it to some friends, still in disbelief that her electric utility company, Potentia Energy.
argues, by explaining the "natural desire" to see God's essence as a supernatural desire divinely elicited from the potentia obedientialis of human nature.