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 (pə-tĕn′zə, pō-tĕn′tsä)
A city of southern Italy in the Apennines east-southeast of Naples. Founded by Romans in the third century bc, it was ruled by numerous feudal overlords during the Middle Ages.
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s que le Conservateur des forAaAaAeA ts lui eu fait un exposAaAaAeA@ des potentia forestiAaAaAeA?
ThereAaAaAeA{Es a huge potentia invest in graphic design in Egypt, she said.
Cargoes even from other worlds become reality by the virtue of our colleagues' expertise and ACEX slogan "A potentia ad actum
Los traductores latinos de Aristoteles emplearon el termino actus para aprehender el contenido de las voces [phrase omitted] y el termino potentia para verter los posibles significados de la voz griega [phrase omitted].
Potentia lly hundreds of campaign fin ance bills have also been introduced during this same time frame.
Ascender, acquired in 2015 by a consortium led by Potentia and Five V Capital, offers payroll service solutions using SaaS.
Rather, I develop an "improperly political" concept of love--one that recognizes the inextricable relationship between power and domination, between potentia and potestas.
V Sea Potentia sailed out to sea on Wednesday morning, while another ship Lime Galaxy is expected to sail on same day.
However, there exists significant downside risk from both the vulnerability of the economy to shocks due to a reliance on external financing, the growing concerns over the domestic political situation and the potentia l for security threats to spill over from neighbouring Syria.
Este conjunto de investigaciones nos permite mirar con nitidez y profundidad la riqueza del pensamiento filosofico y astronomico que se desplego con ocasion de las disputas en torno a la naturaleza y el significado de distintas apariciones celestes y que, sin duda, debilito las nociones heredadas del aristotelismo y, con ello, los principios de la filosofia natural y del cosmos mismo, como las nociones de la perfeccion e inmutabilidad del mundo celeste etereo frente a la inconstancia del mundo sublunar y la relacion entre la divinidad y la posibilidad de su intervencion en los cielos--entendida como potentia dei absoluta en oposicion a la potentia dei ordinata--.
THE Latin aphorism "scientia potentia est" translated as "knowledge is power", spans history and culture.
Seijo in turn said he would focus on increasing capacity and market growth: "The TCL Group has huge potentia.