Pott's disease

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Pott's disease

Tuberculosis of the spine, leading, if untreated, to destruction of the vertebral bones, curvature of the spine, and paraplegia.

[After Percival Pott (1714-1788), British surgeon.]

Pott's disease

(Pathology) a disease of the spine, usually caused by tubercular infection and characterized by weakening and gradual disintegration of the vertebrae and the intervertebral discs
[C18: named after Percivall Pott (1714–88), English surgeon]

Pott's′ disease`


caries of the bodies of the vertebrae, often resulting in marked curvature of the spine.
[1825–35; after Percival Pott (1714–88), British surgeon, who described it]
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Noun1.Pott's disease - TB of the spine with destruction of vertebrae resulting in curvature of the spinePott's disease - TB of the spine with destruction of vertebrae resulting in curvature of the spine
T.B., tuberculosis, TB - infection transmitted by inhalation or ingestion of tubercle bacilli and manifested in fever and small lesions (usually in the lungs but in various other parts of the body in acute stages)
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The vertebral MRI showed that widespread lytic lesions in the vertebra corpuses and the tissue swelling adjacent to the vertebra were consistent with Pott's disease and spinal granuloma (Figure 3a and 3b).
As a young man (age 15) my dad had been diagnosed with Pott's disease (a kind of tuberculous arthritis of the intervertebral joints).
This Saturday I counted 29 patients: 6 with Pott's disease, tuberculosis of the spine; 5 with rheumatic heart disease; 5 with cancer; 4 with congenital spine disease; 1 with TB of the hip; 1 with endocardial cushion defect; 1 with giant plexiform neurofibroma; and 1 with a fist-sized meningocele.