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n.1.A size of paper. See under Paper.
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Here he fell in with another lonely trapper, like himself, named Potts, and they agreed to keep together.
Potts scoffed at him for being frightened by the trampling of a herd of buffaloes.
You will call yourself John Jones, or George Potts, or some such sternly commonplace name, to emphasise your uncompromising attitude towards all feminine weaknesses, and no one will be taken in.
Declaring himself for the 2017 PBA Rookie Draft is more than just basketball decision for Davon Potts.
Potts , a longtime Washington communications attorney, passed away at his home in Glen Echo, Md.
By the time her relationship with Lesley Potts came to an end, the 38-year-old had plundered more than PS4,500 from his online Yorkshire Building Society account and spent more than PS1,000 with the mail order firm, a court was told.
Alice Amelia Potts nursed wounded servicemen at Aldridge Auxiliary Convalescent Hospital, near Walsall.
Potts told police that he ([dagger]) had ([dagger]) been drunk and hadn't slept for 13 days because of his methamphetamine use when he stabbed his younger brother Warren Fox Potts over a drug debt in the hamlet of Glenevis on July 1, 2014.
POTTS SHARES New Morrisons chief executive David Potts has bought PS500,000 worth of shares in the company a week after the company reported a 47% slump in half-year pre-tax profits to PS126m and announced the closure of 11 more supermarkets, costing 900 jobs.
Jordan Potts accused Jamie Jones of seeing his girlfriend behind his back, and after flying into a jealous rage attacked him in his bed in the early hours.
Stephen Potts and friend Patricia Ayre were walking the dogs when they mauled Lindsay Edwards, 64, and his son's Staffordshire bull terrier Zumo, it is alleged.
Welsh opera star Paul Potts has announced a Welsh tour for this autumn including a date at Aberdare Coliseum on October 10.