toilet training

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toilet training

The process of training a child to use a toilet for defecation and urination.

toilet train v.

toilet training

the process of teaching young children to control the timing of bladder and bowel movements and to use the lavatory

toi′let train`ing

the training of a very young child to control bowel and bladder movements and use the toilet.
toi′let-train`, v.t.
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Noun1.toilet training - training a young child to use the toilet
grooming, training, preparation - activity leading to skilled behavior

toi·let train·ing

n. entrenamiento de los niños para controlar el acto de orinar y de defecar.
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When a new puppy parent has to be at work 8 to 10 hours a day, it's hard to potty train," Dr.
With my first baby, I bought a book called Potty Train Your Child in One Week.
Diane Titterton, 39, co-wrote How To Potty Train after her own experience led her to create the award-winning potty training pads Dry Like Me, with Judith Hough.
ALL children will potty train at different ages and some take longer to grasp the concept.
She says: "To potty train my son I made him a reward chart with pictures of treasure and parrots, numbered one to 10.
TWO Midland mums are celebrating a wee success after their invention to help toddlers potty train was snappedup by supermarkets.
According to the Pull-Ups brand, some parents use Pull-Ups training pants to potty train their kids during the day but revert back to diapers at night, which can send a confusing message to tots and unintentionally causes potty training stumbling blocks.