Cache la Poudre River

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Cache la Pou·dre River

 (kăsh′ lə po͞o′dər, -drə)
A river of northern Colorado flowing about 200 km (125 mi) to the South Platte River.
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Poudre River Trail is 21 miles of paved pathway passing historical signs on this ultimate cruiser experience.
Most hotels and tourist businesses in Fort Collins remain open, but outfitters who run tours on the Poudre River have had to cancel trips.
Flames from a 200-acre (80-hectare) spot fire jumped a natural firebreak at the Cache la Poudre River on Thursday night, but crews deployed to the area made a stand and prevented the flames from roaring through a canyon into a 1,000-home subdivision, Hahnenberg said.
Pruden-Bagchi has done previous studies on the occurrence of tetracycline and sulfonamide antibiotic resistance genes in sampling sites along the Poudre River.
Jump off the bridge into the Poudre River near the old skatepark
The researchers took sediment samples at five locations along the Cache la Poudre River in Colorado, beginning at its origin in the Rocky Mountains and continuing east to downstream sites in agricultural and urban areas.
The Cache la Poudre River, named by French trappers who hid gunpowder along its banks, still flows through town, and the plains still fall away to Nebraska.
Had we had more time, we could have enjoyed such activities as white water rafting on the nearby Cache la Poudre river, square dancing and overnight camp- outs, all of which had taken place earlier in the week.
Spring Creek, which is lined with trees and a bike path, winds through several neighborhoods on its way from the Rocky Mountain foothills to the Poudre River.
Adding to Heath's green-building practices, the Poudre River Regional Library District staff selected eco-conscious furnishings and equipment for the completed facility.
In Fort Collins, neighborhoods along the Cache La Poudre River were evacuated overnight, with the river expected to rise to nearly 2 feet above flood stage Friday, according to the weather service.