n. & v.1.Powder.
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I will not Rayle, or Rogue thee, or be-slaue thee, But I will finely baffle, beard, and braue thee; I'le squeeze, & crush, and vnto poulder pounce thee, lie make thy witts for euer to renounce thee, lie lay thee open, and I will ataint thee, And for a pitifull poore scab He paint thee.
He kept an hill with thirty thousand men; Ten thousand horse, the rest were all on foot Against the Turkes that lay like Grashoppers, Filling those plaines, eight miles in compasse round: This little handfull, roulde and turnde about, On that hils top in strong and close array, Flamde like a Candle mongst a world of fives, That burnt themselues, ere they could put it out: At length with trauell tyrde, with blows & wounds All rent and torne, choakt vp with smoake & stench Of bodies dead: match, poulder, bullets spent This light did glimmer, flasht, and so went out.
Whiteleas Terriers registered an 8-2 win over Whitley Bay B thanks to strikes from Weetman, Poulder, Coldwell, Arthur (2) and Hartley (4), with Keir and Walker on the scoresheet for the Bay.
There has been an alternative to expensive land-fill carried out successfully in Holland, by what is known as the Poulder System, using the waste to be disposed of in constructed compounds along the coastline.