v. t.1.See Portray.
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After again reporting that he "fancied" that he heard an aurora "and so much was judgement misled by imagination, that I thought I saw masses vibrating after contact," Hooper went on to write that "no pen nor pencil can pourtray [sic] its fickle hues, its radiance, and its grandeur.
But where shall we find such a thorough knowledge of nature, such an insight into the human heart, as is displayed by our NOVELISTS; when, as an agreeable relief from the insipid sameness of polite insincerity, they condescend to pourtray in coarse colours, the workings of more genuine passions in the bosom of Dolly, the dairy-maid, or Hannah, the house-maid?
what words can lab'ring thoughts employ T'express the feelings felt, or ev'n pourtray Those scenes majestic passing in review Before th' imagination, as we aim To trace their causes, from th' effects produced?
I desire therein to be delineated in mine owne genuine, simple and ordinarie fashion, without contention, art or study; for it is myself I pourtray.
That charming Scotch lady [ldots] who apparently moves like a glistening planet in the very highest circles, has been at trouble to pourtray (sic) for us, in colours which glow and live, what she calls "the sin and scandal of the smart set".