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1. A drink consisting of several liqueurs of different densities, poured to form differently colored layers.
2. A brandy or liqueur served after dinner with coffee.

[French : pousser, to push (from Old French; see poussette) + café, coffee; see café.]


1. (Brewing) a drink of liqueurs of different colours in unmixed layers
2. (Brewing) any liqueur taken with coffee at the end of a meal
[literally: coffee-pusher]


(ˌpus kæˈfeɪ)

n., pl. -ca•fés.
an after-dinner drink of liqueurs of various colors poured into a glass so as to remain in separate layers.
[1875–80; < French: literally, (it) pushes on (the) coffee]


A French term meaning coffee pusher, used to mean a drink of spirits taken with coffee after a meal, or a drink made up of liqueurs that do not mix but form separate layers.
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Noun1.pousse-cafe - small drink served after dinner (especially several liqueurs poured carefully so as to remain in separate layers)
cordial, liqueur - strong highly flavored sweet liquor usually drunk after a meal
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The bottles special white coating ensures that its contents remain in optimum fresh condition on the back bar, and it was one of the featured products in Bols' attempt at Tales to create the worlds largest Pousse Cafe.