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Noun1.Pouteria - tropical American timber tree with edible fruit (canistel)
dicot genus, magnoliopsid genus - genus of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination
family Sapotaceae, sapodilla family, Sapotaceae - tropical trees or shrubs with milky juice and often edible fleshy fruit
canistel, canistel tree, Pouteria campechiana nervosa - tropical tree of Florida and West Indies yielding edible fruit
Calocarpum zapota, mammee, marmalade tree, Pouteria zapota, sapote - tropical American tree having wood like mahogany and sweet edible egg-shaped fruit; in some classifications placed in the genus Calocarpum
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hamata was reared only from Pouteria campechiana (Kunth) Baehni (Ericales: Sapotaceae), commonly known as canistel or yellow sapote.
A Myristicaceae Fruta dorada Zanthoxylum ekmanii Rutaceae Lagartillo amarillo Cupania rufescens Sapindaceae / Paullinia ingifolia Sapindaceae / Pouteria torta Sapotaceae Sapotillo Luehea seemannii Tiliaceae Guacimo Colorado
Instead, fruits from relatively unknown trees including the Pouteria and Brosimum, were preferred.
In the screening of new compounds with antiviral activity, three Guatemalan plant extracts from Justicia reptans, Neurolaena lobata and Pouteria viridis were evaluated with a classic antiviral assay and were found to inhibit HIV replication.
He says that while some exotic fruits won't be exportable to the continental United States any time soon, there is a glimmer of hope for mamey sapote, Pouteria sapota, courtesy of work led by entomologist David Jenkins.
The flora are typical of the Llanos and lowland Andean Mountains, including Ceiba pentadra, Bombacopsis quinata, Spondia mombin, Chrysophyllum sericeum, Pouteria anibaefolia, Guazuma tomentosa, Attalea maracaibensis, and Roystonea venezuela.
1997 Taxonomic notes on Pouteria aublet from Sabah and Sarawak.
RSW and BNW have broader host ranges including plants in the genera Ficus, Psidium, Annona, and Pouteria (BNW) and 32 genera in 12 plant families (RSW) (Stocks 2012; Stocks and Hodges 2012).
Mariana Crows were more likely to have a successful nest on sites within the closed-canopy limestone forest with smaller Ficus tinctoria, greater stem densities of Psychotria spp, and larger Ochrosia mariannensis, Polyscias grandifolia, and Pouteria obovata.
However, Pouteria, one of the plants native bees prefer, became more common.
bark; stem) Sapotaceae: Pouteria reticulata (Engler) Eyma (bark), Sarcaulus brasiliensis (A.