Poverty Point

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Pov·er·ty Point

A complex earthwork in northeast Louisiana constructed by an early Native American people between about 1730 and 1350 bc.
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Those who would blame poverty point to the finding that pupils eligible for free school meals are four times more likely to be expelled than those who are not and yet, when times were harder than they are now, generations of children were law-abiding and polite, in school and out.
From Cahokia in southern Illinois to Poverty Point in northeastern Louisiana, the mound builders, as they came to be called, created the first major urban centers in North America.
Even more crucially from a poverty point of view, inequalities prevail in employment opportunities and in wage rates--especially in unskilled and casual labour.
MAINFORT & SULLIVAN) covers several important sites, including Poverty Point, Marksville, the Pinson Mounds, Fort Ancient and Newark, and it draws attention to others less famous.
Until now, the earliest documented age for a set of earthworks stood at around 3,500 years for a Louisiana site called Poverty Point.
The ridges and depressions in the earth at Poverty Point, Louisiana, were so large they were assumed to be natural.
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