Powder down

(Zool.) the peculiar dust, or exfoliation, of powder-down feathers.

See also: Powder

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Pour the powder charge into your homemade powder measure, and then pour the powder down the barrel.
It was introduced at a time when the standard mode of rifle shooting was to pour powder down a barrel, ram home a lead projectile on top of the powder and then ignite the whole shebang with a percussion cap.
1 Start at the crease of the lid and apply a dark grey powder down and out towards the edge of the eye and along the upper lash line too.
Highlight: Apply a highlighting powder down the front of your legs, from the thigh, over the knee and to the shin.
Do not expect to stuff copious quantities of slow-burning powder down a .
To fire the piece, the trooper took a paper cartridge from his pouch, bit off the rear end and poured the powder down the barrel.
As Auntie Liz, she left many chuckling over their cocoa while writer and star Simon Amstell looked about as comfortable in the show as a man with itching powder down his vest.
Probably the fastest way to turn a blackpowder rifle into a bomb is to pour smokeless powder down the muzzle.
Charlton Snr had frantically tried to flush the powder down the bath when his front door was smashed in by police.
It's not every day you funnel powder down a chicken's backside, but now I've got the knack I kind of want to carry on," she says, standing back from a pen noisy with the clucking of chickens, then removing her gloves and washing her hands.
Conversely, all the other formats lost sales, with powder down 9.
Drop the powder down into the clouds, and they vanish.