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n.1.A horn in which gunpowder is carried.
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Dunlop form continues Kirby was successful earlier on Powderhorn for Mark Johnston in the juvenile maiden and Memories Galore for Harry Dunlop in the 6f handicap.
T Durcan 46 5 (2) 63 POWDERHORN (10) M Johnston 9-5 .
We checked in at the comfortable Powderhorn Lodge, were collected by bus the following morning, taken to the start of the walk and then picked up from the other end in the late afternoon.
IF you want to do the famous Tongariro Crossing, then the Powderhorn Chateaux at Mount Ruapehu makes a great base, especially as they will organise your transport for both ends of the walk.
Powderhorn Night Skiing -- February 27 - 28 Head to Powderhorn for a night of skiing/riding under the stars and lights when Wagner Rents Night Skiing returns on February 27 & 28.
The land being acquired, known as Powderhorn Ranch, was bought by the descendants of former lawyer and Texas Supreme Court Justice Leroy Denman in 1936.
In the men's collection of snowboard pants, Basin Sports has recently reduced the price of the 2012 Powderhorn Corbet Core Pant.
Our profile the week of September 5 will include not just the antlers, but both the rifle and the powderhorn the hunter was carrying when he downed his legendary-trophy
Travel Business Review-June 2, 2011--JP King Auction Announces Sale of Powderhorn Ski Resort(C)2011] ENPublishing - http://www.
Added bonuses are 15 percent off lodging at Crested Butte and half-price skiing at Durango, Powderhorn and Taos.
The first was Camp Powderhorn, built in the Yoro Mountains of Honduras to support Exercise Fuertes Caminos 88.
Take a gander at Joe Webber, head wrangler of Powderhorn Guest Ranch (800-786-1220; PowderHornGuestRanch.