utility pole

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util′ity pole`

one of a series of large, upright poles used to support telephone wires, electric cables, or the like.
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Older power pole designs were not wide enough to account for the wingspans of large birds, so the retrofit covers energized parts of the power line to reduce the risk of electrocution.
After a car carrying four people crashed into a power pole Friday night, a witness tackled the driver when he tried to run from the scene, according to Eugene police.
Today, Minn Kota's Talon competes with the Power Pole, and there are thousands and thousands of both on the waterways all across the nation.
The plane was so charred after a fire following a collision with a power pole that rescuers had trouble determining how many people were on board.
Next comes the bad news: "The nest is on a power pole.
High value fishing gear was stolen including Preston rod holders, Shakespear rod holders, Micron alarms, Nash power sticks, carp landing nets, Prodigy carp rods, Browning poles and a Preston slim power pole.
She drove off the road, crashing into a power pole about 20 feet from the pavement south of Crown Valley Road, Goris said.
It hit a power pole, plunged down a hill, and caught fire.
In Dawn, 2001, a graffiti-covered stone, power pole, and Dumpster occupy a dead-end commercial zone, a waste place protected by a chain-link fence topped with barbed wire.
Nike Training Athlete and consultant to SPRI and Harbinger, Wright developed various Power Pole profiles and movement patterns.
They have also undergone power pole aversion training, in which a realistic power pole installed in their flight pen provided a light shock whenever a Condor landed on it, reinforcing the necessity for Condors to stay away from these potentially fatal structures in the wild.
The new product, Power Pole Repair Putty, was formulated specifically for the Canadian utility and can be applied even to wet surfaces.