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Noun1.Power loom - a loom operated mechanicallypower loom - a loom operated mechanically  
loom - a textile machine for weaving yarn into a textile
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He noted that there are approximately 230,000 (standard,auto and shuttles) power looms in different areas of Faisalabad which not only cater to the needs of local market but also play a major role in meeting the export demands.
Appreciating the steps taken by the present government, Rana Akhlaq Ahmed Chairman All Pakistan Cotton Power Looms Association said that Pakistan will become fastest growing country only if the energy needs are ensured with its adequate supply at affordable prices.
0 MP with data punching and bill distribution in respect of residential, commercial, industrial, street light, PWW, power looms & Ag.
He said the government had started rehabilitation of Bara industry and the inauguration of power looms was the first step in this direction.
The weaving industry in Uttar Pradesh expects modernisation of its power looms so that the country could compete with China in terms of production.
The city became a center for manufacturing wire, power looms, machinery, dining cars and corsets.
It is housed in a row of weavers' cottages known locally as Spring Rock and , depicts the life of a handloom weaver around the 1850sbefore the huge mills with their power looms were built along the valley bottoms, changing the centuries-old cottage industry forever.
Synopsis: It is the spring of 1860, and a battle for power looms on the horizon.
Visitors will be able to see displays of machinery, the collection of artefacts and a gallery of photographs, along with two fully working power looms.
Summary: FAISALABAD, Pakistan: This eastern Pakistani city is known for the roar of its power looms and the buzz of its sewing machines.
Starting with handcrafted samples, the designers develop their product by working alongside those using power looms in the mills, using their expertise to create the batch production of luxury woven goods.
LAHORE, July 28 -- The Faisalabad power looms standoff has entered into 10th day Tuesday with over 250,000 labourers still demanding 17 percent raise in their salaries.