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v. t.1.See 5th Pose.
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The Veps Belozer'je term poze ~ poza 'swampy place; puddle; water-filled pit in meadow' could also have been a source for this substrate term.
If you slouch for 1 minute or longer, Poze will silently buzz, reminding you to straighten back up.
Poze is designed to be discreet, silent and invisible on the outside, allowing you to correct posture without anyone knowing.
Poze then continuously calculates the user's position.
El modelo del proceso sinectico de Gordon (1961), revisado por Gordon, Poze y Reid (1971), persigue la solucion de problemas por medio del esfuerzo integrado y grupal de varias personas.
Archery Shooter Systems has the solution with its EZ Poze bracket that attaches right to the back of your mount so you can 'position it exactly how you wish.
Sakwaya is ready to introduce her fiance to her parents Poze and Anna, with whom the grandmother lives.
At the same time, this affecting play progresses to moving moments of truth - most notably between Poze and Sakwaya.
Irene Kiarie finds all of Anna's heart and inner strength in emotional moments with Poze, Sakwaya and Grandma.
Under the auspices of Katye Pam Poze (My Neighborhood is Calm), the installation has brought light for the first time to town squares, marketplaces and streets in a country where most citizens have no regular access to electricity.
I used to like Poze in Mumbles but sadly that has recently closed.
There's the fabulous Kiss boutique, where you'll find hard-to-source labels like Yanuk jeans, the treasure trove of Poze for women who like to dress to impress, and quirky stores like Pippa Eastman, the society milliner.