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A city of southern Italy west of Naples on the Bay of Pozzuoli, a section of the Bay of Naples. The city was founded by Greek exiles c. 529 bc and was an important commercial center during the Roman Empire.


(Italian potˈtswɔːli)
(Placename) a port in SW Italy, in Campania on the Gulf of Pozzuoli (an inlet of the Bay of Naples): in a region of great volcanic activity; founded in the 6th century bc by the Greeks. Pop: 78 754 (2001)


(pɒtˈswoʊ li)

a seaport in SW Italy, near Naples. 70,350.
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And you thought I was still in Rome, no doubt; and so I was until this afternoon, when I caught train at the eleventh moment, and then another train from Naples to Pozzuoli.
So we went to Procida, and from thence to Pozzuoli, where St.
To the west of Naples, at the end of the metro line, is Pozzuoli and the sunken city of Baiae.
It takes readers on a journey of poverty, privation and adventure that saw him going from Pozzuoli, near Naples, in the 1930s and wartime Genoa to Edinburgh, where he arrived in 1952 on a three-month visa to learn English and met his future wife Olivia Crolla.
Note su Andrea de Jorio e Lorenzo Palatino" (185-202), Vincenzo Caputo examines the descriptions of the Neapolitan area of the Campi Flegrei as they appear in two touristic guides published in Naples between the 17th and the 18th centuries: the Guida di Pozzuoli e dintorni by Andrea De Jorio (1817, 1822, 1830), and the Storia di Pozzuoli by Lorenzo Palatino (1826).
One question that has puzzled scientists is where magma is located beneath the caldera, and our study provides the first evidence of a hot zone under the city of Pozzuoli that extends into the sea at a depth of [2.
Officers said the parents tried to rescue the boy after he entered an off-limits area at the Solfatara Crater in Pozzuoli, near Naples, and slipped.
3) Institute for Polymers, Composites and Biomaterials, National Council of Research, Pozzuoli, Naples, Italy
Este trabajo fue el resultado de la Beca Union Fenosa (2004), para ello Sofia visito diversos proyectos arquitectonicos como el de Chipperfield en el cementerio San Michele en Venecia, el campo eolico sobre el mar en Copenhague, las ruinas submarinas de una villa de veraneo romana en el Golfo de Pozzuoli y varios proyectos de ingenieria en Holanda y de arquitectura, especialmente en Rotterdam.
Por falta de recursos, como Mozart, fue enterrado en la fosa comun de la catedral de Pozzuoli, y sus escasos bienes fueron vendidos para pagar su mas que modesto sepelio y las deudas previamente contraidas por la tuberculosis que terminaria con sus dias tan tempranamente.
With Marcel Cluny, we have found the ideal sales channel," said Luca Pozzuoli, who is in charge of emerging markets as well as vice president of market development at PartyLite.
In der Grotte von Pozzuoli, wo die Asche Vergils ruht, (19) finden sie einen teuren Mantel, werden falschlich fur Diebe gehalten und mit Steinwurfen verscheucht, wobei Eumolpio die Tunica verliert, in die er sein Bargeld eingenaht hat (vgl.