Practical information

Practical information   
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The new magazine, with a controlled circulation of 50,000 convenience store owners/operators, is designed to provide smaller convenience retailers with practical information for operating their businesses more efficiently, with data on the resources needed to compete against larger, better-leveraged organizations as well as on operations, category management and enterprise growth.
From the different forms of diabetes that are commonly seen in adults and children, to why African-Americans are at risk, to recommended diet and exercise regimens, to how to deal with episodes of hypoglycemia, work with health care providers, or take proper care of oneself when pregnant and diabetic, Living With Diabetes is an absolute "must-have" for anyone who needs practical information on dealing with the condition, whether for oneself, a friend, or a loved one.
Academic and industry experts will provide historical context and practical information on how to merge old world quality with new construction.
Strategies are given for organizations to make the most of the huge investment made in employee training through effective follow-up and practical information.
Other upcoming Forums promise to deliver practical information and insights to member firms as well.
The text is written in a leisurely style that is as engaging to browse for pleasure as it is filled with practical information.
Drawing upon invaluable contributions from more than two hundred professors, graduate students, practitioners, and association officials, the Encyclopedia Of Educational Leadership And Administration is a compendium of practical information on all aspects of curriculum, budgeting and finance, law, personnel management, psychology and motivation, research, statistics, supervision, teaching and learning, and a great deal more with the framework of education today.
The video, hosted by Patrick-Goudreau and Alka Chandna, is full of tidbits of practical information that will enhance anyone's cooking career.
This revised volume brings together the expertise of more than 40 security and crime prevention experts who provide practical information and advice.
The text includes a great deal of practical information such as simple tests to pinpoint problems, important observations to help understand issues for particular operations, and "rules-of-thumb" that are generally used in the industry.
99) which juxtaposes technical terms, practical information and snippets of history in a somewhat surreal sequence: Vitruvius finding himself next to Vitrified, Wave crest next to Watersoluble glues.

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