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practical reason


practical reasoning

1. (Logic) the faculty by which human beings determine how to act
2. (Philosophy) reasoning concerning the relative merits of actions
3. (Philosophy) the principles governing arguments which issue in actions or intentions to act
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Judgments of fittingness are central to correct practical reasoning, and while fittingness is a primitive, unanalyzable notion, it can be elucidated by its connections with other concepts.
The aim of this paper is to reformulate Brandom's suggestions (Brandom, 2000) referring to the role of the normative vocabulary and the attribution of patterns of practical reasoning to an agent, in order to make them suitable for the analysis and evaluation of the practical arguments containing the arguer's claim that she or he is committed to a social institutional status as a premise.
One problem concerns the meaning of "independence" in his account of independent practical reasoning (IPR), and the other concerns restrictions he places on the relation between the virtuous community and the state.
Crucially, it cannot account for the role of impartiality in our practical reasoning (264).
In this sense, Hume surely is a skeptic about practical reasoning.
Aged two-and-a-half, a total of 72 children were tested on language, behaviour, practical reasoning and hand-eye coordination.
A total of 72 children aged two-and-a-half were tested on language, behaviour, practical reasoning and hand-eye co-ordination.
I don't know which sequence is more delightful - the rabbi about to leave for a sweet job in Miami explaining the very practical reasoning behind the honor thy father and mother commandment, or Ariel's dotty grandmother (Rosita Londner) breaking into the Yiddish song she hasn't voiced for decades and not being able to stop.
The book Pragmatic Bioethics gives a good account of the theoretical basis and practical reasoning of this new morality as it applies to medical and bioethical matters.
To assist students in their analysis of argumentation, Patton provided several models of argumentation and practical reasoning, including those of Stephen Toulmin and Chaim Perelman, which consider not only the reasons and evidence supporting a claim but also the warrants, backing, qualifiers, and reservations.
This aspect of Aquinas transcends practical reasoning.
In other words, practical reasoning terminates with the attestation of agency and the recognition that freedom and responsibility cannot be explained as theoretical concepts but only as practical ones.

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