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pl n
the real facts or details of a situation, as opposed to its theoretical aspects
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Yet in the interval since Crick's last view of them something had occurred which changed the pivot of the universe for their two natures; something which, had he known its quality, the dairyman would have despised, as a practical man; yet which was based upon a more stubborn and resistless tendency than a whole heap of so-called practicalities.
queried Diana, wiping away the tears which Anne's affecting accents had caused to flow afresh, and returning to practicalities.
Contract notice: Expert advice agriculture / forestry, rural development and fisheries sector to the administrative practicalities services.
Practicalities dictate that Arkansas take advantage of what the law offers: millions of federal dollars to extend health care to an additional 250,000 poor people.
A lot of countries talk about the fight against international terrorism, about ensuring regional security; what the Bahraini government wants to do is to actually concentrate on the practicalities.
OTTAWA -- Two-thirds of people with Bipolar I Disorder are able to hold down a job, particularly if they have help with the practicalities of living, such as meal preparation or getting to doctor's appointments says a new study published in "How Healthy are Canadians?
However, as a result of discussions, Defra officials agreed to examine the practicalities of bringing forward such payments.
Your Home"--the long-established column exploring the practicalities of residential real estate.
Spiritual mission, therefore, should be as pressing as coping with workaday practicalities, a stance best summed up by Dance/USA Honors Award recipient and DanceAfrica's founding artistic director, Chuck Davis.