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n.1.(Rom. Antiq.) A white robe with a purple border, worn by a Roman boy before he was entitled to wear the toga virilis, or until about the completion of his fourteenth year, and by girls until their marriage. It was also worn by magistrates and priests.
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Barchiesi, too, (79) suggests that Mars views the inscription 'like the purple stripe of the toga praetexta the official garment that was the generic marker of the scenic celebrations of victory and communal salvation (fabulae praetextae or praetextatae).
College London, UK) provides an introduction to the fundamentals of Roman drama and its context, and a selection of representative dramatic texts in their original language, including excerpts from tragedy, comedy, praetexta, togata, and mime from the Republican and imperial periods, as well as a selection of key testimonia to the background of Roman theater and a section on the reception of Roman drama by poets in England up to the present.
Trimalchio's shroud of choice, in which he is depicted on his tomb, is the toga praetexta, which he will wear along with five golden rings.
14)"A Roman boy assumed the toga virilis at about fourteen, which signified that he had attained full legal capacity; up to that date he wore the toga praetexta, which had a broad purple border" (Scott-Kilvert 337n).