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1. another word for pragmatism
2. (Philosophy) another word for pragmatism


(prægˈmæt əˌsɪz əm)

the pragmatist philosophy of C. S. Peirce, chiefly a theory of meaning: so called by him to distinguish it from the pragmatism of William James.
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The penultimate essay discusses the interrelations between politics and aesthetics in the pragmatic philosophy of William James (and other classic American pragmatists such as Dewey and Mead).
In the first chapter, the author connects American liberalism with Deweyan pragmatism, or the version of pragmatic philosophy advanced by the classic American philosopher John Dewey.
The judges applauded Xchanging for its pragmatic philosophy and approach to providing value-added services to its partnership with a mobile phone provider.
Boro needed a manager with experience at that level and with a more robust and pragmatic philosophy.
Pressured intellectually to entitle his philosophy, Morris--renowned for his semiotics and for his pragmatic philosophy, despite his early studies of psychiatry and Asian religion and philosophy--named his overall philosophy objective relativism.
Graves brings Tillich's insight to a new depth by examining the meaning of being a (human) creature in light of recent developments in cognitive science, computer science, neuroscience, general systems theory, pragmatic philosophy, and Christian theology.
You can almost hear the groan as Shelby, a Harvard philosopher, does the heavy lifting to critique Black nationalist philosophies through the lens of pragmatic philosophy.
Their pragmatic philosophy that any team, no matter how gifted, can be stopped from playing has again be proved shudderingly correct.
Relevance, utility, and timeliness are the hallmarks of the publication, reflecting as it does the pragmatic philosophy of its parent organization.
One indicated a logical link between the pragmatic philosophy of Carneades and James and the other indicated a logical link between the pragmatic philosophy of James and Frost.
5) For a fuller discussion of this point, see Ellen Kappy Suckiel, The Pragmatic Philosophy of William James (Notre Dame: U of Notre Dame P, 1982).