Prairie clover

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(Bot.) any plant of the leguminous genus Petalostemon, having small rosy or white flowers in dense terminal heads or spikes. Several species occur in the prairies of the United States.

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Add detail to a neutrally decorated room with a textured wallpaper such as their Prairie Clover design, www.
If Casler's right, fields of soft, willowy switchgrass growing alongside native legumes like pure prairie clover and Illinois bundleflower could someday provide us with a source of green energy as well as a window into our country's verdant past.
Birdsfoot violet, blazingstars, purple prairie clover, yellow coneflower, show goldenrod, shooting star, whorled milkweed, kittentails, thimbleweed, bush clover, wild indigo, forget-me-nots, and prairie smoke spring forth.