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Noun1.Prajapati - Hindu god personifying a creative force; equivalent to Brahma
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Tenders are invited for Making Concrete Road For Kanu Manjhis House To Ramesh Prajapatis House In Urimari Hesabera Tola Under Gm Unit Bs Sayal
The Prajapatis, of Oddicombe Cross, Styvechale, Coventry, will be leaving Riverside School in Newbold, Rugby, to complete the 10-mile "tootle" route.
The Prajapati family will take part in the ride through Brandon, Pailton, Shilton and Wolvey.
The story of the Prajapatis is one of toil and determination, now crossed by tragedy.
For three years, shopkeeper Kamlesh Prajapati has anguished over the loss of his wife and the mystery of the men who killed her over a 12-pack of beer.
For Prajapati, the news was frustratingly bittersweet, and does nothing to ease the loss of his wife, their daughter's mother.
The Prajapati family was concerned over the Los Angeles Police Department's commitment to the case at one point but no longer.
They got one suspect, and the other one is very near,'' said Brem Prajapati, brother of Kamlesh Prajapati.
The Prajapatis, both from India, had struggled since 1993 to make the small, neighborhood market a success.
Kamlesh Prajapati thought police had all but forgotten about the men who killed his wife in July 1995 at their neighborhood market.
If he solves it, I'm surprised,'' Prajapati said Wednesday, standing in the spot at the Top Produce Market on Van Nuys Boulevard where his wife was shot to death over a 12-pack of beer.
As the Los Angeles homicide rate heads toward a 20-year low, investigators say they've had more time to do interviews - and they expect to announce four arrests in the Prajapati case within weeks.