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Used especially among Hindus to express a polite or respectful greeting or farewell.

[Ultimately (via Hindi, Punjabi, and other South Asian languages) from Sanskrit namas te, obeisance to you : namaḥ, homage, obeisance; see nem- in Indo-European roots + te, enclitic second person sing. genitive and dative pron.; see tu- in Indo-European roots.]


a salutation used in India
[C21: via Hindi from Sanskrit, from namas salutation, bow + te to you]
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Tenders are invited for Pre- mansoon desilting (by manual method) of nala from valvar nagar to dlr enclave and saket pranam to saibaba nagar main road of open / kacha nala in ward no.
For evidence from Cambodia proper, see for example, George Ccedes, 'La stele de Tep Pranam (Cambodge)', Journal Asiatique (Series 10) 11 (1908): 207; Lin Li-Kouang, 'Punyodaya (Na-t'i), un propagateur du tantrisme en Chine et au Cambodge a l'epoque de Huian-Tsang', Journal Asiatique 227 (1935): 83-100; Pierre Dupont, La statuaire preangkorienne (Ascona: Artibus Asiae, 1955), pp.
We also give Pranam, the traditional way of showing respect to our elders and seeking their blessings.
Ramakrishna Paramhansa, one of the greatest saints in history, used to bow down in pranam to prostitutes and worship them as the Divine Mother.
Pranam Singh Pratap, Department of General Surgery, Government Medical College, Haldwani District, Nainital.
Main unki tapasya aur tyag ko pranam karta hu ( lakhs of people have reposed faith in seer Shobhan Sarkar over last many years.
Pranam Wahi, managing director and head of DBS Middle East,
Pranam Wahi, managing director and head of DBS Middle East, said: "DBS is pleased to partner with Du as the company continues with its solid growth plan.
Pranam Wahi, Managing Director and Head of DBS Middle East said, "DBS is pleased to partner with du as the company continues with its solid growth plan.
Her "Krishna Milap" with a brief bhumi pranam and homage to Krishna's charm through the verse "Kasturi Tilakam", concluding with a truncated moksha, had its main component in the lyric in Khamas, "Kilo sajani keli kadamba mule".
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Pranam wahi, managing director and head of global transaction services at DBS Bank, said, 'With the difficult economic climate, we have observed that commercial parties appear more nervous about counterparty risks.