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A city of central Italy northwest of Florence. It has been a textile center since the 1200s.


(Italian ˈpraːto)
(Placename) a walled city in central Italy, in Tuscany: woollen industry. Pop: 172 499 (2001). Official name: Prato in Toscana


(ˈprɑ toʊ)

a city in central Italy, near Florence. 160,220.
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Christiane Lohr lives in touch with nature: At her residences in Cologne and in Prato, Italy, her preliminary work does not take place in the studio but on long walks in the meadows and woods, where she collects organic elements such as plant seeds, burrs, grass stalks, tree blossoms, and horsehair.
presentation delivered with Kerri Nuku on Te Ora o Nga Mokopuna: Child and Maternal Health: Sharing A Maori Indigenous View to health workers in Prato, Italy, in June;
May: Won doubles and singles titles at Citta Di Prato, Italy June: Reached semi-final of doubles with Rushby at Junior Wimbledon July: Won doubles title with brother Jamie at the Scottish International, Edinburgh August: Won the singles and reached the final of the doubles at the Canadian Junior Open.
Monash University, Conference, "What Works With Women Offenders: A Cross-National Dialogue About Effective Responses to Female Offenders," June 20-22, Prato, Italy.
Cantuccini (pronounced ``can-too-CHEE-nee'') is the name for the traditional almond biscotti made in Prato, Italy.
Marco Fantozzi of Prato, Italy, spoke to the same group of surgeons.
Carey, MD, of Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, described the results of the study conducted in collaboration with Angelo di Leo, of Istituto Toscano Tumori in Prato, Italy, on behalf of the U.
Daniel Soutif is director of the Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, in Prato, Italy.
D'Iorio, Christine Baily, Prato, Italy (married to Pietro D'Iorio).
Made of 100% modal, the scarves retail for $475 and are produced and manufactured in Prato, Italy.
A complete airlaying pilot line has been installed in Cormatex's premises in Prato, Italy which is always available for customes' trials and further product developments.
of Prato, Italy by which the Italian manufacturer will ship to Foilmark the refurbished state-of-the-art vacuum metallizer, which was damaged during shipment in late February, on or before September 30, 1996.