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also pre-Raph·a·el·ite  (prē-răf′ē-ə-līt′, -rā′fē-)
A painter or writer belonging to or influenced by the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, a society founded in England in 1848 to advance the style and spirit of Italian painting before Raphael.
Of, relating to, or characteristic of the Pre-Raphaelites.

Pre-Raph′a·el·it′ism n.


the principles of the 19th-century artists and writers who sought to restore the principles and practices thought to be characteristic of Italian art before Raphael. — Pre-Raphaelite, n., adj.
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8) In The Romance of Victorian Natural History, Lynn Merrill aligns Pre-Raphaelitism with the wider mid-Victorian enthusiasm for natural history.
16) and within which, they suggest, 'lies the dynamic force of Pre-Raphaelitism as an avant-garde movement.
We are given here a well-selected overview of Brown's output, from his boyhood exercises, influenced by the Belgians with whom he trained; through strange but touching experiments with early Renaissance styles, whether Florentine or German; to his crucial involvement with Pre-Raphaelitism in the 1850s (Work; The Lest of England; The Pretty Bee Lambs); and on to the less well-known but equally important essays in history painting that occupied much of his later career.
The activity of wringing lilies from the acorn that Pound attributes to his "Hugh Selwyn Mauberley" characterizes above all the cluster of theory and practice associated with the "movement" of Pre-Raphaelitism.
Whistler became proponents of Rossetti's work, re-inventing Pre-Raphaelitism for the artists of the fin-de-siecle.
Two watercolours by Siddal are also displayed, representing her role in Pre-Raphaelitism as a gifted artist as well as a model and muse.
Cox's last works overlap with the high tide of Pre-Raphaelitism, so that his career, like Turner's, bridges the distance from the origins of the British water colour school to the mid-Victorian era.
Pre-Raphaelitism cannot be defined; it was too various.
But Pre-Raphaelitism is, of course, more than a precursor of flower power.
The influence of Pre-Raphaelitism on fin de siecle Italy.
A few small-scale shows on symbolism and Pre-Raphaelitism featured him, but there has been no sizeable showing until Love Revealed.
The importance of these studies for the history of Pre-Raphaelitism and the parallels between the Brotherhood and the earlier Nazarene movement in Germany have been extensively discussed.