Russian Empire

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Russian Empire

1. (Historical Terms) the tsarist empire in Asia and E Europe, overthrown by the Russian Revolution of 1917
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the tsarist empire in Asia and E Europe, overthrown by the Russian Revolution of 1917


(ˈrʌʃ ə)

1. Also called Russian Empire . Russian, Rossiya. a former empire in E Europe and N and W Asia: overthrown by the Russian Revolution 1917. Cap.: St. Petersburg (1703–1917).
4. a republic extending from E Europe to N and W Asia. 146,393,569; 6,592,849 sq. mi. (17,075,400 sq. km.). Cap: Moscow. Official name, Russian Federation. Also called Rus′sian Repub′lic. Formerly (1918–91), Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic.
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Pre-Revolutionary Russia is exchanged for Britain in the early days of Margaret Thatcher's regime, an era in which many people were filled with a new confidence, a new energy and a sense that anything was possible.
Anthony Swift, "Workers' Theater and 'Proletarian Culture' in Pre-Revolutionary Russia, 1905-1917," Russian Review 23, 1-4 (1996): 67-94; Page Herrlinger, "Orthodoxy and the Experience of Factory Life in St.
It started in 1898 in the then pre-revolutionary Russia which established diplomatic ties with the then republic of the Transvaal.
Pre-revolutionary Russia endorsed the plan, which only became public knowledge when the Bolsheviks, having seized power a year later, found copies of the 'treacherous' documents and revealed them to the world.
Five of the book's eight chapters cover pre-revolutionary Russia, and the final three take us from the mid-1800s to the present.
Western histories about the pre-revolutionary Russia are very rare, and general encyclopaedias or treaties talk very little about this subject by recycling dusty cliches about despotism, regress and under-civilisation.
Set in pre-revolutionary Russia over a three year period, it charts the evolving relationships between family members, other townsfolk and the military officers who are based in the town.
In pre-revolutionary Russia, Melnik notes, Ricardo's work was 'regarded .
Set in pre-revolutionary Russia, the film tells of a Jewish peasant trying to marry off three of his daughters while growing anti-semitism takes over his village.
Seventeen-year-old Rachel, a Jewish girl born in pre-revolutionary Russia, is now living in San Francisco and has dreams of going to university and becoming a writer.
This thorough study of the origins and the current practice of authoritarian governance, written by a professor emeritus of political science at the University of Michigan and the author of several previous works on similar themes, looks at the roots of authoritarianism in pre-revolutionary Russia and attempts to answer an important question that has, at times, bewildered any scholar of the country: "Is Russia, was it, or will it ever be a normal country?
She also discusses the reception of Western-style imagery, the resurgence of nationalism, and the impact on art preferences in pre-revolutionary Russia.